Seven were the seals in place
Magiks of the forgotten race
To seal away the shadow grim
From darkened souls what flocked to him
And seven were the keys divine
To lock the soul for all of time
And scattered were the keys of seven
From deepest hell, to highest heven
One of Light’s purest ghost
One of Bone and willing host
One of Shadow’s blackened hand
One of Stone and sacred land
One of Fire’s searing rage
One of Wood beneath the page
But none so great as the final key
Destined to set the shadow free
For the final key is the choice to be made
Salvation or Damnation, and all debts paid
Seven are the seals in place
And soon shall we all, the shadow face.

-The Writings of Mandrid Thame, 927 AS

Keepers of the Keys

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